What Is Travel Duffel Bag? How to Choose the Bags You Want? May 13, 2020

Travel bag, is also called duffel bag, refers to a kind of bag prepared for travel or tourism. Travel bag can be divided into duffel bag backpack, travel tote bag and rolling duffel bag. In the selection, the volume and style should be considered. In addition, the user's figure, body shape and load capacity should also be considered. Because the outdoor travel bag is used in special environment, the material and technology of the travel bag are highly demanded. All the stressed positions of the travel bags are sewed by sewing machine for three times, so that the stressed positions should be firm and durable.

Travel bag can be divided into leisure travel bag and business travel bag according to the different application environment. Size selection: the size of travel bag can be determined according to your own body and hand strength. Smaller people or girls are advised to use travel bag with tie rod to reduce the travel burden. The business travel bag should match the business dress, not too colorful. The interior bag for leisure travel can be selected with bright color and style according to your own dress preference, and the choice of grade, due to the special use of the travel bag, the high demand for bearing capacity is that the lightweight and fastness fabric should be selected as the main material, which is not easy to use and damage tolerance and reduces the travel burden of consumers, and the handle, hook, cable and other places should be able to bear the load more than 2 times the weight of the bag is suitable.

In terms of fabric, the travel bag for tourism needs to achieve the following points:

1. Fabric density is small and light.

2. Fabric wear-resistant, high strength and toughness.

3. Fabric is waterproof will be better.

Choosing the right size travel bag will bring great convenience for travelling.

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