What Industry's Product Sales Are Booming During The Epidemic? Apr 13, 2020
During the outbreak, people stayed at home. A lot of consumption has been suspended, but in addition to daily necessities and food, there are also such products, but in the adverse trend of the explosion!!!
1. Epidemic prevention materials
No one not knows the epidemic prevention materials. Masks, protective clothing, alcohol disinfected water and thermometers are selling like crazy.
2. Kitchen cooking utensils
Look at the circle of friends of Chinese people who have been living in their homes for more than a month. Challenge all kinds of difficult dishes, cakes, pancakes, steamed bun ... can cook. After the epidemic, the craftsmanship has improved. I didn't know how to cook at first. Because the major shops and takeout shops stopped selling, I had to buy a pot and learn from cooking noodles. During this epidemic period, I was forced to develop a good cooking skill.
According to the statistics of e-commerce data, sales of multifunctional cooking machines, popcorn machines, ovens and Juicers have increased. There are also some kitchen small items with strong practicability, such as eggbeaters, hand mashers and kitchen rags. Young people are also very fond of some time-saving tools, such as lazy breakfast artifact, small dishwasher, etc.
Among them, the most popular food in this year's short video is "rice cooker cake". As one of its essential baking tools, egg beater has successfully become the king of the best-selling list of kitchenware!
In addition to cooking utensils, some kitchen appliances are also popular. For example, in some European and American countries, people are used to eating frozen meat, such as beef, chicken, fish, bacon, etc. During the outbreak, in order to stock up, many families bought larger freezers that were specially used for frozen meat products.
3. Pets and pet products
People who are busy at work and don't have time to keep pets will spend time with themselves while they don't have to go to work.
After the outbreak, it is inevitable to stock up food and supplies for pets. For some pets that need to be cleaned regularly, such as dogs, they also need to be shaved. In European and American countries, there are more people who keep pets. Pets are often regarded as family members. During the epidemic, people go out less and spend more time with their pets. They will also buy more pet toys for these special families.
So, like pet food, shit bag, dog rope, cat brush And other pet related products have achieved sales growth.
4. Simple fitness equipment
Stay at home and go nowhere. We are afraid of getting fat, but also afraid of the decline of resistance, can not go out to exercise, what to do? Keep fit at home! According to the data released by pinduoduo, the amount of yoga mat during the Spring Festival is 3.5 times that of last year, including the sales of small and medium-sized fitness equipment such as small treadmill, pedal stretcher, arm strength stick, grip strength device, fascial gun, etc. also doubled.
According to JD big data, during the Spring Festival alone, the turnover of skipping rope on the platform increased by 56% year-on-year, dumbbells by 60%, thrusters by 109%, rowing machines by 134% year-on-year, and self operated yoga mats by 150% year-on-year.
Sales of indoor trampolines in the US in 12 days are 20 times that of the whole month in March last year.
The sales volume of indoor trampolines of qoo10, an e-commerce company operated by eBay in Japan in March, as of March 12, has reached 20 times that of March last year. The person in charge said, "the simple props that can be played at home are sold well when the class is suspended nationwide.". If the current sales trend is maintained, the sales volume of this month is likely to be 25 times that of last March. ".
Fitness equipment out of stock in Australia
Australia's 9news news website reported that many Australians plan to exercise at home during the period of self isolation, so there is a rush to buy daily necessities in Australia, by a rush to buy fitness equipment. Stores such as Kmart, target, big W and "rebel sports" are full of consumers buying equipment such as weightlifting equipment and exercise bikes. This makes some fitness equipment out of stock.
Spanish sporting goods up 191%
Sales in e-commerce in Spain, such as fashion and footwear (- 69%) and pets (- 22%), declined. However, this was offset by sales growth in categories such as sports (+ 191%), furniture (+ 135%), gardening (+ 130%) and medicine (+ 26%).
The most significant increase in sporting goods is the treadmill, with Gmv (total sales) up 1159% month on month. Tension band Gmv rose 500% on a month on month basis. In the Spanish market, the comprehensive fitness equipment Gmv rose by 421% month on month.
Italian sports product growth
Pull band Gmv in the Italian market rose 615% month on month;
The growth of Gmv of sportswear and sports underwear products around sports reached 293% and 286% respectively.
5. Indoor sanitary products

During the epidemic, experts suggested that people wash their hands frequently, pay attention to hygiene, and the sales of hand sanitizer increased rapidly. More time at home, all kinds of sanitary products are naturally used more. Usually wash clothes once a few days, now wash them several times a day. In addition to washing clothes, we also need to wash shoes, socks, mops, washbasins, dishes, cabinets No one who can wash it will let it go, otherwise how can we endure this day? In the past, sanitation was a task, but now it is a sport as well as a pastime! Therefore, all kinds of mops, rags, cleaning agents, etc. are also a sharp increase in sales.

6. Flower and grass seed

I have to find something to do when I'm free. It's boring to brush mobile phones every day. People who love flowers and grass will be free. All kinds of flowers and plants, both to pass the time, and self-cultivation, very good. In addition, the epidemic period ushered in the spring, which is the season for everything to recover, spring flowers to bloom, and sowing. Some farmers can't go out of the village. They will buy some flowers and grass seeds online and plant them with small saplings. In some European and American countries, the land is vast and the population is sparse, and many families have courtyards. They are keen on gardening. They like to dress up their yard, which makes them happy.
7. Tissue
Rush to buy tissue, mainly in foreign countries. First came Japan, then the United States, Australia, Singapore, Canada
Why does tissue sales soar? Maybe because it's a necessity of our daily life and it's used a lot. Secondly, in the early stage of the epidemic, everyone had a panic. In addition to hoarding food, they could hoard what they could, while paper towels were indispensable daily necessities that everyone could think of at the first time. What's more, it's cheap and doesn't expire. It doesn't matter if you store more. For other reasons, you can imagine.
According to statista, Americans use 141 rolls of toilet paper per person every year, which is really the champion of toilet paper consumption. On average, one roll of toilet paper is used every two and a half days. As a result, a large number of Chinese sellers can't help but enter the American toilet paper market!
According to tmall global data, from February to now, the volume of toilet roll paper purchased by overseas consumers has increased by 631% year on year, and the volume of wet toilet paper has soared by 1807%. Consumers in Australia, the United States, Singapore and Canada saw the biggest increases.
In addition, there are some single products, such as hairdressers, air purifiers, UV disinfection appliances, home projectors, student tablets, self heating lunch boxes, etc., which are also popular during the epidemic.
The business of offline stores looks bleak. In fact, the online business has never stopped. After all, people are still consuming every day. The epidemic only delayed part of the consumption, but not cut off the consumption.

E-commerce sales in South Korea soared nearly 35%
According to Yonhap news agency, sales of major e-commerce businesses in South Korea increased the most in February as the new coronavirus epidemic spread and consumers avoided going out.
With the increase of sales of sanitary products such as masks, the sales of household products increased by 44.5%. Children's and children's supplies increased by 40.6%, books, stationery and cosmetics increased by 37.5%, and home appliances and electronic products increased by 26%.
In convenience stores alone, the sales of food (5.6%), masks, safety medicine and other daily necessities (33.3%), cigarettes and other products (8.7%) increased. The sales volume of agricultural, aquatic and livestock products (5.9%), fresh and cooked food (7.8%) and processed food (11.1%) in enterprise supermarket increased.
As the sales of online retailers increased significantly, the total sales of major retailers increased by 9.1%. The survey was conducted in 13 companies, including department stores, large supermarkets, convenience stores and 4 enterprise supermarkets.
Household goods consumption in Australia increased by nearly 300%
Catch.com.au reported that in recent weeks, with consumers' preference for online shopping, the activity of the website has greatly increased, and the number of visitors to its grocery page has increased 467% year on year.
Household, food, health care and baby products have proved to be the most popular. Compared with the same period last year, sales of household products on the website increased by 290%, while sales of health and beauty products increased by 233%.
Spanish sporting goods up 191%
Sales in e-commerce in Spain, such as fashion and footwear (- 69%) and pets (- 22%), declined. However, this was offset by sales growth in categories such as sports (+ 191%), furniture (+ 135%), gardening (+ 130%) and medicine (+ 26%).
The process of people's self isolation promotes the development of some product categories. For example, with schools closed, sales of school supplies increased 47%.
Affected by the epidemic, sh ying.at, an online shopping platform in Austria, is becoming more and more popular
According to Kleine Zeitung, an Austrian newspaper, the number of visitors and sales in March tripled, while hundreds of retailers have signed up. According to Robert hadzetovic, managing director, this is due to changes in consumer behavior.

Therefore, the owners of all industries need not worry too much. If their products are not easy to sell for the time being, are there any products that are suitable for home use during the epidemic? Just like there are many garment factories turning to produce masks and hardware factories turning to make masks this year, you can certainly go through this difficult period if you find a way.
More and more countries, following China's example, prohibit citizens from going out. Our demand is similar to that of the Chinese people who live at home in recent months. Therefore, for the export-oriented foreign trade enterprises, we can use the customs data to select the buyers who have purchased these products to develop.
At the same time, we can also think about the characteristics and hobbies of the residents of these countries, and what they might do in the days when they can't go out? What will they need? What can you do for them? Business opportunities come from solving demand problems. Where there is demand, there will be business opportunities.

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