The United States released the fourth batch of exclusion list of 300 billion tariff May 11, 2020

Local time May 8th. The U.S. Trade Representative Office announced a new batch of measures three thousand US $100 million plus tariff A Announcement of products under the list: New Eight Item exclusion product, revision One Item history excludes product descriptions.

1 New exclusion list Eight The excluded products include medical plastic water bottles, disposable plastic identification wristbands and other products, i.e. the products in the exclusion list from the date of implementation of the levy One No additional levy during the year 7.5% Tariff.

This is America three thousand For the fourth batch of excluded products in the list of billion tariff plus, if there are enterprises exporting US products in the list, they can start to resume normal export business to the US. The period of validity of this batch of exclusions can be traced back to the implementation date of 300 billion tariff (list A) levy, i.e. September 1st, 2019. Previously imposed tariff can be applied for return.

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