• How to Analyze the Luggage Industry?
    11 Sep
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    How to Analyze the Luggage Industry?
    The main analysis points of the report are as follows:1) The life cycle of luggage industry. Through the market growth rate, demand growth rate, product varieties, number of competitors, entry barriers and exit barriers, technological change, user purchase behavior of the luggage industry, the development stage of the industry is judged;2) The market supply and demand of luggage industry is balanced. Through the supply, demand and import and export situation of the luggage industry, we can judge the supply and demand balance of the industry, so as to master the market saturation degree of the industry;3) The competition pattern of luggage industry. Through the analysis of the bargaining power of suppliers, buyers, potential competitors, substitutes and the current competitiveness of competitors in the luggage industry, five forces that determine the profit level of the industry are mastered;4) Economic operation of luggage industry. Mainly for data analysis, including the number of competitive enterprises in the luggage industry, number of employees, total industrial output value, sales output value, export value, finished products, sales revenue, total profit, assets, liabilities, industry growth ability, profitability, solvency and operation ability.5) The main competitive enterprises in the luggage industry. It includes the product, business status (BCG), financial status, competitive strategy, market share, competitiveness (SWOT analysis) analysis and so on.6) Investment, financing and M & A analysis. Including investment and financing project analysis, merger and acquisition analysis, investment area, investment return, investment structure, etc.7) Luggage industry marketing. Including marketing concept, marketing mode, marketing strategy, channel structure, product strategy, etc.
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  • How enterprises to spend the second half of the 2020?
    22 Aug
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    How enterprises to spend the second half of the 2020?
    This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the global economy is relatively low. Among them, the foreign trade industry has been greatly affected. This year's luggage industry, the impact is more obvious. As the number of confirmed cases in the United States has increased dramatically, many enterprises in the US luggage market are particularly affected. Americans go out less often and less time, most people stay at home, their consumption is decreasing, so the sales of luggage ad bags have dropped sharply. So, as a luggage enterprise, how do we spend the second half of the year? According to our market research, Americans stay at home, but do not reduce their physical exercise, so we can continue to do fitness related bags, For example, fitness gym sports bag, running waist bum bags.  And the annual skiing season is coming. As a lot of skiing enthusiasts, this is a very suitable opportunity to exercise. Their love of skiing has not diminished. So ski travel bags are a bigger market in the second half of the year. Such as wheeled ski bags, ski boot backpack and ski boot bag combo, etc. These winter sports bags will be very good sales products. For going outside, they prefer to ride bicycles rather than buses in order to reduce contact with others. So bicycle bike bags will also increase sales.
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  • What Is Travel Duffel Bag? How to Choose the Bags You Want?
    13 May
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    What Is Travel Duffel Bag? How to Choose the Bags You Want?
    Travel bag, is also called duffel bag, refers to a kind of bag prepared for travel or tourism. Travel bag can be divided into duffel bag backpack, travel tote bag and rolling duffel bag. In the selection, the volume and style should be considered. In addition, the user's figure, body shape and load capacity should also be considered. Because the outdoor travel bag is used in special environment, the material and technology of the travel bag are highly demanded. All the stressed positions of the travel bags are sewed by sewing machine for three times, so that the stressed positions should be firm and durable.Travel bag can be divided into leisure travel bag and business travel bag according to the different application environment. Size selection: the size of travel bag can be determined according to your own body and hand strength. Smaller people or girls are advised to use travel bag with tie rod to reduce the travel burden. The business travel bag should match the business dress, not too colorful. The interior bag for leisure travel can be selected with bright color and style according to your own dress preference, and the choice of grade, due to the special use of the travel bag, the high demand for bearing capacity is that the lightweight and fastness fabric should be selected as the main material, which is not easy to use and damage tolerance and reduces the travel burden of consumers, and the handle, hook, cable and other places should be able to bear the load more than 2 times the weight of the bag is suitable.In terms of fabric, the travel bag for tourism needs to achieve the following points:1. Fabric density is small and light.2. Fabric wear-resistant, high strength and toughness.3. Fabric is waterproof will be better.Choosing the right size travel bag will bring great convenience for travelling.
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  • Who We Are? Why You Choose Us?
    06 Mar
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    Who We Are? Why You Choose Us?
    Xiamen Joyous Import & Export Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of bags located in Quanzhou, it also has an office in Xiamen. Our factory has been engaged in doing bags since 2010, in order to recept for our clients better, we found our foreign sales office in Xiamen where is nearing to Xiamen International airport in 2019. Our enterprise concept is " Honesty casts quality, quality wins market. " Our factory has over 10 years experience on bags' production. We are especially good at manufacturing outdoor sports bags, as like gym duffel bags, wheeled ski & snowboard bags, hiking bags, waist bags, PUBG military bags, etc. We are also doing a lot of diaper bags and baby products for new mothers' equipments. Our factory area over 10000 S.Q.M. and has 150 staffs, more than 130 pieces different machines, including fabric cutting machine, Brother, BAITE, Fortunen machines, etc. We have 9 production lines, and every line at least has 5 workers with more than 5-8 years’ experience and 3 workers with more than 10 years’ experience on stitching. We also have own design teams, and our sampling development has 9 workers. So our R&D team can provide you good quality samples within 3-5 days, high quality mass productions with faster delivery, cheaper prices. Our competitive products will help you win more markets. Our clients mainly distributed in North America, Austrilia, Europe and South America. We built long-term businesses with many global famous brands, as like Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Volkl, Target, Elite, etc. Now our monthly output is about 80,000-100,000 units. We can offer you OEM/ODM production, you can visit our factory and make the inspection on goods in any time. we have our own brand for bags, we can authorize our own designs to you. If you want to settle down your heart on bags, contact with us to get the favorite bags what you want!
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  • The 127th Canton Fair Delayed
    23 Mar
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    The 127th Canton Fair Delayed
    On the afternoon of March 23, at a press conference held by the Information Office of the Guangdong provincial government, Ma Hua, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, said that considering the current global epidemic situation, especially the high risk of overseas epidemic input, the 127th spring Canton Fair will not be held as scheduled on April 15. "Next, Guangdong will make a comprehensive assessment of the epidemic situation and actively make suggestions to relevant national departments," Ma said. It is reported that before that, the official website of the fair announced the holding time of the 127th fair. Currently, the hosting time has been deleted. After landing on the official website of the Canton Fair, no date has been shown. From december of last year, we started to prepare and design some new bags for the 127th Canton Fair, 2020. Such as outdoor sports travel duffel bags, snowboard bags, padded ski bags, snowboard boot bags and some baby diaper bags. The 127th Canton Fair delayed will impact our business, but we belive that the epidemic in the world will be end soon.
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  • What Industry's Product Sales Are Booming During The Epidemic?
    13 Apr
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    What Industry's Product Sales Are Booming During The Epidemic?
    During the outbreak, people stayed at home. A lot of consumption has been suspended, but in addition to daily necessities and food, there are also such products, but in the adverse trend of the explosion!!! 1. Epidemic prevention materials No one not knows the epidemic prevention materials. Masks, protective clothing, alcohol disinfected water and thermometers are selling like crazy. 2. Kitchen cooking utensils Look at the circle of friends of Chinese people who have been living in their homes for more than a month. Challenge all kinds of difficult dishes, cakes, pancakes, steamed bun ... can cook. After the epidemic, the craftsmanship has improved. I didn't know how to cook at first. Because the major shops and takeout shops stopped selling, I had to buy a pot and learn from cooking noodles. During this epidemic period, I was forced to develop a good cooking skill. According to the statistics of e-commerce data, sales of multifunctional cooking machines, popcorn machines, ovens and Juicers have increased. There are also some kitchen small items with strong practicability, such as eggbeaters, hand mashers and kitchen rags. Young people are also very fond of some time-saving tools, such as lazy breakfast artifact, small dishwasher, etc. Among them, the most popular food in this year's short video is "rice cooker cake". As one of its essential baking tools, egg beater has successfully become the king of the best-selling list of kitchenware! In addition to cooking utensils, some kitchen appliances are also popular. For example, in some European and American countries, people are used to eating frozen meat, such as beef, chicken, fish, bacon, etc. During the outbreak, in order to stock up, many families bought larger freezers that were specially used for frozen meat products. 3. Pets and pet products People who are busy at work and don't have time to keep pets will spend time with themselves while they don't have to go to work. After the outbreak, it is inevitable to stock up food and supplies for pets. For some pets that need to be cleaned regularly, such as dogs, they also need to be shaved. In European and American countries, there are more people who keep pets. Pets are often regarded as family members. During the epidemic, people go out less and spend more time with their pets. They will also buy more pet toys for these special families. So, like pet food, shit bag, dog rope, cat brush And other pet related products have achieved sales growth. 4. Simple fitness equipment Stay at home and go nowhere. We are afraid of getting fat, but also afraid of the decline of resistance, can not go out to exercise, what to do? Keep fit at home! According to the data released by pinduoduo, the amount of yoga mat during the Spring Festival is 3.5 times that of last year, including the sales of small and medium-sized fitness equipment such as small treadmill, pedal stretcher, arm strength stick, grip strength device, fascial gun, etc. also doubled. According to ...
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  • The 127th Canton Fair Will Be Hold Online
    22 Apr
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    The 127th Canton Fair Will Be Hold Online
    On April 7th, the State Council decided to hold the 127th Canton Fair Online in the middle and late June. After the news was released, many foreign traders guessed how to realize the online Canton Fair. Now the framework has come! According to Ren Hongbin, Assistant Minister of Commerce, on April 10th, This Canton Fair mainly includes three parts: online display and docking platform, cross-border e-commerce zone and live marketing service. It focuses on B2B, takes part of B2C platform into account, and creates an all-weather online foreign trade platform. NO.1 Online display docking platform Friends who have participated in the fair before know that there are about 25000 exhibitors in the fair, which are divided into export and import exhibition areas. This year's "cloud Exhibition" is also set as follows: According to the categories of electronic appliances, daily consumer goods, textiles and clothing, and medicine and health care, the export exhibition is divided into 16 categories, with 50 exhibition areas; The import exhibition will set up six themes, such as electronic appliances, building materials and hardware. All the exhibits are on-line at the same time, and 25000 exhibitors are on-line. For online display: It will optimize the query system, improve the search function in multiple languages, and facilitate the purchasers to find exhibitors and exhibits. Through technical means, we will focus on the promotion and introduction of Chinese brand enterprises and commodities. Strengthen the supply and procurement docking service, hold online special docking activities, increase online matchmaking efforts, and improve the effectiveness of the exhibition. NO.2 Cross border e-commerce zone Hold an activity with the theme of "synchronous Canton Fair and global business opportunities", and carry out online business activities at a unified time by establishing exchange links and according to the unified name and image formulated by Canton Fair. It mainly includes two parts: First, set up a special topic of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area, publicize the work of each comprehensive test area, and promote a number of cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises. Second, select a number of cross-border e-commerce platforms to highlight the characteristics of "enterprise to enterprise" trade exhibition. It is mainly to cooperate with B2B platform and take part of B2C platform into account, and encourage platform organizations to participate in the fair with all kinds of enterprises meeting quality standards, so as to expand the number of beneficiary enterprises. NO.3 Live marketing services Set up online live columns and links, and set up a separate 10 × 24-hour online live room for each participating enterprise. Before the exhibition, special training will be given to enterprises to improve their live sales ability. In addition, the platform will also provide functions such as watching back on demand, video uploading, interactive communicat...
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  • The United States released the fourth batch of exclusion list of 300 billion tariff
    11 May
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    The United States released the fourth batch of exclusion list of 300 billion tariff
    Local time May 8th. The U.S. Trade Representative Office announced a new batch of measures three thousand US $100 million plus tariff A Announcement of products under the list: New Eight Item exclusion product, revision One Item history excludes product descriptions. 1、 New exclusion list Eight The excluded products include medical plastic water bottles, disposable plastic identification wristbands and other products, i.e. the products in the exclusion list from the date of implementation of the levy One No additional levy during the year 7.5% Tariff. This is America three thousand For the fourth batch of excluded products in the list of billion tariff plus, if there are enterprises exporting US products in the list, they can start to resume normal export business to the US. The period of validity of this batch of exclusions can be traced back to the implementation date of 300 billion tariff (list A) levy, i.e. September 1st, 2019. Previously imposed tariff can be applied for return.
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