What should Be Paid Attention to When Skiing? May 15 , 2020

1. Notes for beginners

Skiing is a dynamic and exciting sport. First of all, beginners should learn basic skiing skills, and ask an experienced skiing coach to train you systematically. When a beginner chooses a ski field, the slope should not be too steep. It's better to have a 6-degree or so ski path, which should be wide and 50m or so. There should be a ride type cableway to transport skiers (the traction type cableway is not conducive to the rest of skiers). The snow quality is good, and there should be a large-scale snow track machine to repair and maintain the snow surface, which is very important for beginners.

In terms of time arrangement, the time of learning skiing should not be less than 3 days, during which the main learning is the use of alpine skiing equipment; three basic techniques of skiing, including straight skiing, oblique skiing and plow skiing; two kinds of turning techniques, namely plow turning technique and plow swing turning technique. Repeat these exercises on the junior ski slopes to strive for the mastery of the essentials in practice. We must not only try to stimulate and stimulate long time to play straight downhill. Although downhill skates are fun, but the playing time is longer and the level is not much improved, we should spend most of our time learning the turning technology, because it is the essence of skiing technology.

2. Snow quality judgment

Generally speaking, due to the different meteorological conditions during and after snowing, the snow quality will take on various forms. According to statistics, there are powdery snow, flake snow, rain plus snow, fragile snow, shell snow, slurry snow, granular snow, muddy snow, ice snow, etc. in nature. There are 60 kinds of artificial snow, such as compacted powdery snow and snow track snow. Every kind of snow under the skis will make the skiers have different feelings, of course, the skiing skills used for each kind of snow will be different.

In China, because most ski resorts are built in the northern inland, not affected by the sea monsoon, they are characterized by dry air, cold air and strong wind. Most of the snow forms are powder snow, shell snow, ice snow and slurry snow. At present, the domestic ski resorts mainly mix the above snow to form snow track. In the early morning, the snow appears as ice-like snow. There is a thin layer of hard ice shell on the surface. The friction force between the snow surface and the snowboard is very small. There is no need to wax the snowboard. The speed of skiing is very fast. The skier should have certain skiing skills.

After 10 a.m., with the increase of temperature and sunlight, the surface of snow melts slowly, in the form of powdery snow. This kind of snow feels best for skiers, not soft or hard, and glides comfortably.

In the afternoon, under the sunshine and the continuous turning of snowboard, the snow is in the form of slurry snow, with sticky snow and increased friction. Beginners are easier to control snowboard on this snow. Skiers with good technique can wax the bottom of skis to reduce the resistance.

After the new snow, if you do not use the snow track machine to mix and compact, a layer of hard shell will be formed on the snow surface in a few days. In this kind of sliding on snow, the skier is required to have a greater forward momentum to break through this layer of snow sliding. This kind of snow quality is generally on the higher and steeper high-grade ski slopes which can not be reached by the snow track machine. Therefore, skiers are required to have a higher technical level in order to slide on the high and steep snow surfaces which need more forward momentum. Once you master the ability to control it, it will be fun to watch pieces of broken snow flying in the air.

3. Distance

The height, width, length, slope and direction of skiing should be carefully understood. Because of the mountains

Skiing is a sport in high-speed sports. It seems that in a blink of an eye far away, skiers don't know the situation of the ski way in advance. Once there is an accident in skiing, there is no time to react at all, which is especially important for beginners.

Understand the opening time of ski cableway, and do not ride without the guard of the staff, because it is most likely the off-duty cableway for the staff at this time. After the staff arrive at the station, the cableway stops running. If you are suspended in the air overnight, the probability of frostbite accident is very high.

Choose the right ski course according to your own level. Don't overestimate your level. Act rashly and step by step. It's better to hire a ski coach.

If you don't know the situation in front of you or if you feel that skiing equipment is abnormal, you should stop to check. Don't take risks.

When taxiing in groups, we must keep a distance from each other. We must not slide down rapidly to catch up with our partners. It is very easy to fall or collide with others. Beginners are very prone to this kind of accident. During the break, stop at the side of the ski path, not under the steep slope, and pay attention to the skiers who slide down from above.

If you lose control and fall, you should quickly lower your center of gravity and sit back. Don't struggle at will. You can lift your limbs, bend your body and let it slide down. To avoid head down, but also absolutely avoid rolling.

Skiers with poor eyesight should not wear contact lenses to ski. If the contact lenses fall after falling, the possibility of finding them is almost nonexistent. Try to wear rimmed glasses made of resin lenses, which are not easy to break after being hit.

4. Attention to diet

We should pay attention to drinking more water every day, and properly supplement some fruits to set off the fire, such as oranges, pears, etc. if oranges are eaten too much, it is easy to catch fire, so it is better not to eat them. If you can prepare some throat moistening tablets, it is a good choice.

In next article, we will share how to choose the ski equipment and ski travel bags.

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