What Is Mummy Bag? April 24 , 2020

Mummy bag is specially designed and produced for the convenience of taking care of infants and children. The products of infants and mothers are put into the bag in different categories to provide convenience for mothers to take their children out.

Material Selection

The professional baby bag should use the fabric as the main material. The product should not only meet the national industrial standards for luggage, but also pass the formaldehyde, color fastness, PH value and other tests in the national basic safety technical specifications for textile products to ensure the safety and environmental protection of mummy bag material selection.


The appearance of mummy bag should be fashionable and generous, and meet the aesthetic requirements of modern mothers.

Basic origin

Diaper bag comes into being with the continuous improvement of the standards of baby care in modern society. It is a derivative product of bags and bags that fully meets the needs of the market. The emergence of mummy bag is closely related to the modern concept of child care, the change of child care thought and habit, and it is an inevitable product of the development of child care industry.

Basic classification
Mummy bag can be roughly divided into four categories: single shoulder bag, double shoulder bag, Messenger Bag and portable bag.
1. The single shoulder back is suitable for the mother and baby in short time and shallow outdoor. The main advantage of the shoulder back is to liberate hands, making it more convenient for the mother to take care of the baby.
2. Shoulder back is suitable for long-term and deep outdoor activities of mothers and infants, for example: the whole family travels for more than one day. The main point of the back of the shoulders is that the weight is evenly distributed on the shoulders, reducing the sense of weight bearing.
3. The messenger bag is not only suitable for mom's back, but also for Dad's back. It's natural and easy to carry, very fashionable and convenient.
4. Portable is suitable for fashion mom and fashion mom to go shopping with their baby, which makes mom convenient and fashionable.
In addition, the backpack has a large capacity, which can meet the needs of mothers and infants to go out for a long time. Hand bags account for a small proportion of Mummy bags, because they occupy the hands of the mother to take care of the baby.

Internal Structure
The inner part of mummy bag is a clear separation design, and the necessary articles for baby's travel are placed in different categories, such as the thermos bottle water bottle area, milk powder box, diaper area, clothing area, cleaning supplies area and other independent areas, so as to facilitate the mother's access and classification.

The main functions of baby diaper bag should be as follows:
1. Convenient for mother and baby.
2. The internal structure is clearly separated.
3. Comprehensive functions and large capacity.
4. Adjustable: able to hang any stroller / bed and adapt to various needs.
5. Fashionable and beautiful.

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