What Is Military Tactical Backpack? July 17 , 2020

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The military bags in most countries in the world are mainly made of Cordura 1000D fabric made by DuPont company of the United States. The fabric has 10 times the wear resistance of cotton canvas, and its weight is only half of that of cotton canvas. It also has the function of anti splashing on the surface. The pure 1000D bags of the U.S. Army in China has imported military products from the south. Military bags are divided into small backpacks, 3-day backpacks and backpacks. Small backpacks are mainly used for short-term combat logistics. The 3-day backpack is mainly used by commandos for rescue missions, or for Airborne Division. The backpack is usually used for infiltration behind enemy lines or for base transfer. All belongings are put into the bag and equipped with rain cover.

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A military backpack that can be widely used in war, its functionality and complexity must be far more than our daily "Daypack". As a military backpack that can stand the test of actual combat, its practicability and durability are also conceivable.

Looking back at the history, in order to deal with the all-weather characteristics of war, tactical backpacks should not only be made of cloth with excellent wear-resistant and waterproof properties, but also meet special needs, which have the characteristics that our conventional backpacks do not have, such as detachability, assembly type, etc. What is worth mentioning is that the painting color of backpacks should also be consistent with the style of soldiers' military uniforms, with the blessing of camouflage or earth color system, so as to provide convenience for soldiers in long-distance and hard fighting, but also more conducive to hiding themselves and avoiding life danger.

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The material of army backpack must be equivalent to the durability of military uniform, so as to make soldiers safer and more comfortable when performing tasks. Although the durable and functional military backpack is irreplaceable, its shape is not suitable for daily use. So on the basis of the multi-functional design details of the military backpack in the last century, modern and simple fashion contour is injected into it, which is exquisite and elegant, simple and atmospheric. The waterproof fabric with glossy and smooth feel shows young and fashionable.

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