What Is Breast Milk Pump Bag (1)? August 06 , 2020

The breast milk pump bag is a constant temperature and fresh-keeping bag for storing breast milk. It can be equipped with ice media, milk storage tank and sucking device. After giving birth to the baby, the mother returns to work, but she wants to insist on breast feeding. During the working time, the breast milk is squeezed out by the sucking device and stored in the milk storage cooler bag or bottle, the breast milk pump bag can be used to keep the breast milk fresh, and the breast milk in the breast pump bag backpack can be taken home after work. This kind of breast milk cooler bag combined with ice medium can keep the breast milk temperature at about 4 within 8-12 hours, which greatly improves the convenience of carrying breast milk, and has become a product generally recognized by the majority of working mothers.

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After giving birth to the baby, the mother returns to work, but also wants to insist on breastfeeding. During the working time, the breast milk is squeezed out by the sucking device, stored in the milk storage bag or bottle, and kept in the breast milk cooler backpack. After work, the breast milk in the milk bag backpack is taken home to feed the baby. This kind of breast milk bag combined with ice medium plays a role of refrigeration. Especially in summer, the temperature is very high, so it is more necessary to store the breast milk at low temperature to prevent some nutrients in breast milk from being damaged. Therefore, the milk cooler bag with refrigeration function can let the mother safely transport the breast milk home. From the category of bags, milk bags are functional bags. The standard equipment for carrying milk includes a milk bag with good thermal insulation, two pieces of wavy blue ice (used to clamp the storage bottle or bag to prevent shaking), six storage bottles (three are taken to the work unit every day to store the next day's rations, and the other three are put at home for baby to drink), and a sucking device.

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The appearance of the milk pump bag should be fashionable and generous, in line with the aesthetic requirements of modern mothers. Due to the special use of breast milk backpack, the structure of the breast milk bag should be fully considered when purchasing the breast milk bag backpack.

The breast milk pump backpacks in the market are mainly composed of single layer space and double layer space. The single layer space breast pump backpack is suitable for manual sucking device, which can minimize the use of materials, but also reduce the weight of back milk mothers, which is highly praised by mothers who carry milk. Double layer breast pump backpack is mainly suitable for electric breast pump. Because the milk bag needs to be cooled by blue ice as the refrigerant, some water vapor will inevitably be generated. In order to prevent the steam from eroding the circuit in the electric breast pump, it is necessary to separate the milk storage layer and the milk sucking device, so as to produce the double-layer breast milk pump backpack.

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