The Sports Events--The Classifications & Skills of Skiing April 26 , 2020

Skiing can be divided into ancient skiing, modern skiing and contemporary skiing, from the conditions and purposes of skiing, it can be divided into practical skiing, competitive skiing and tourism skiing (entertainment and fitness). Practical skiing is used in forestry, border defense, hunting, transportation and other fields. Now it is mostly replaced by mechanical equipment, and gradually loses its former application value. Competitive skiing is to upgrade skiing to Huawei under specific environmental conditions, using the function of competition to achieve the purpose of competition. Entertainment and fitness skiing is a popular skiing developed to meet the needs of modern people's life and culture.

The above three kinds of skiing, in terms of the required equipment, venue, equipment and sports technology, have basically the same purpose, but they have great differences with other aspects.

The latest tourism skiing projects include snowboarding, ultra short snowboarding, cross-country skiing, etc. Cross country skiing is a long-distance skiing in the low mountains (flat, downhill, uphill about one third respectively). Although it is far less fun and charm than alpine skiing, it has a wider participation in terms of safety and fitness. Ultra short snowboarding and snowboarding (two feet on a wide Snowboard) are more exciting and more flexible than alpine skiing, which have not been widely carried out in China.


Modern skiing

Modern skiing can be roughly divided into three categories: alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and freestyle.


Alpine style: skiing refers to skiing along the snow slope. Its name is derived from the Alps, including various skills and actions, including three basic actions: straight landing, crossing and turning.


North European style: skiing includes cross country skiing and ski jumping. The name comes from the origin of the sport in the Nordic countries. Cross country skiing is the most popular way of skiing.


Freestyle: freestyle skiing is actually a kind of stunt performance. The performer slides down from the steep and rugged snow slope. At the same time, he has to perform other thrilling stunts such as jumping, kicking, and even turning his heel.




Slalom is one of the alpine skiing events. Also known as slalom skiing or slalom. Nordic Scandinavia has a lot of snow in winter, which is suitable for skiing. However, due to the lack of alpine mountains, alpine skiing is not popular and developed, while cross-country skiing and ski jumping are well developed. Therefore, there are two competitions in northern Europe, which require fast cross-country skiing and long jump. This project is the sports strength of several Nordic countries.


Gaint slalom

One of the alpine skiing events. In 1952, the 6th Winter Olympic Games began to be listed as events. The competition was held on a snow covered hillside with a gradient of 5 ° - 32 °. The length of the line is 1500-2000 meters for men and over 1000 meters for women. Height standard deviation of starting and ending points: 250-400m for men and 250-350m for women. Many kinds of flag gates are set up on the line to form obstacles. The athletes glided down the line through the flag gate from the top of the mountain.


In the air

On the hillside covered with thick snow, the athletes take off on the platform with the help of glide inertia, jump into the air, and then complete various forward and backward somersaults and twists in the air. The scoring criteria are: take off, take off, height and distance account for 20%; body posture and skill performance level account for 50%; landing account for 30%. According to the difficulty of the action, different difficulty coefficients are specified. There are three types of jumping platform in the air skill performance venue: small, medium and large. Athletes choose their own actions according to their needs. However, the landing must have a slope of about 37 ° and a soft snow layer of more than 60 cm.

After learning the skills of skiing, we also need to know how to protect our skiing equipment. Whether you are going to participate in competitive skiing or tourism skiing, you need a ski bag. If you are going to ski competition, you'd better to choose a professional ski travel bag, as like Joyous ski bag. If you are planning to go skiing for tourism, you'd better to choose a snowboard bag with wheels so that it can help you to free your hands and lessen fatigue.

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