The Sports Events--Skiing 1 April 25 , 2020

Skiing is a competitive sport in which athletes mount skis on the soles of their boots to perform speed, jump and glide on the snow. Skis are made of a mixture of wood, metal and plastic. Alpine skiing consists of glide, small turn and large turn (obstacle skiing). Alpine skiing mixed project consists of the above three projects. People in a standing posture, holding a ski pole and stepping on a snowboard to slide on the snow. "Stand", "board", "Snow" and "slide" are the key elements of skiing.

With the development of skiing (especially modern competitive skiing), there are more and more events and fields. The formal major events of the world competition are: Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing (cross-country skiing, ski jumping), Freestyle skiing, Winter skiing, Snowboarding, etc. Each major event is divided into many minor events. Dozens of dazzling gold medals in national competitions and Winter Olympic games encourage people to fight and share. Pure competitive skiing has distinct competitiveness, specialty, strict requirements of relevant conditions, which is not available to ordinary people. Tourism skiing is for the purpose of entertainment and fitness. It is very light restricted by human factors. Men, women, old and young can easily and happily glide on the snow field to enjoy the endless fun of skiing. Alpine skiing is characterized by breathtaking, graceful, free, dynamic, charismatic and wide participation. Therefore, alpine skiing is regarded as the cream and symbol of skiing, and is also the first choice and main item of skiing. Usually, the evaluation of people's skiing skill level is based on alpine skiing.

In addition to skis, sticks, ski boots, all kinds of fixators, wax, suits, helmets, colored mirrors, windshields, etc., you need one or two excellent ski bags to hold ski equipments. Because these equipments are very expensive, you need snowboard bags to protect them. Especially use a padded ski bag or ski bag combo.

In the next article, we will introduce the classification and skills of skiing.

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