The 127th Canton Fair Will Not Be Held As Scheduled? March 23 , 2020

From December of 2019, we started to prepare and design some new bags for the 127th Canton Fair, 2020. Such as outdoor sports travel duffel bags, snowboard bags, snowboard boot bags and some baby diaper bags.

At the begining of 2020, "Coronavirus" outbreaks in Wuhan, and our country has swift responses on it, now our daily life resumed in normal. But unfortunately, the coronavirus finally outbreaks in everywhere all over the world. So the deputy director general of GuangDong Provincial Department of Commerce Mr. Ma has to announce that the 127th spring Canton Fair will not be held as scheduled on April 15. Considering the current situation of global epidemic development, especially the high risk of overseas epidemic input. Next, Guangdong will comprehensively assess the epidemic situation and actively make suggestions to the relevant departments of the state.

It is reported that before that, the official website of the fair announced the holding time of the 127th fair. Currently, the hosting time has been deleted. After landing on the official website of the Canton Fair, no date has been shown.

Our company has made a donation to Wuhan Charity Association when the conronavirus breaking out, and we also help our clients to get some shortage supplies, such as masks, gloves and goggles, etc. We sent all free to our clients. This is none of money, this is not business. It's our friend relationship. We hope that novel coronavirus will be actively dealt with by every country, and we should end it as soon as possible and resume our daily life as soon as possible so that we can do our trade business normally.

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