• How to Select the Ski Equipment? May 15 , 2020
    Skiing equipment mainly includes skis, sticks, boots, various fixators, skiing wax, ski suits, helmets, colored mirrors, windshields, etc. Usually ski resorts have equipment for rent. Tourists may as well rent it.There are many kinds of alpine skis. Due to different functions and types, the grades and prices of alpine skis vary greatly.(1) According to competitive skiing events, there are: Gyrator...
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  • What should Be Paid Attention to When Skiing? May 15 , 2020
    1. Notes for beginnersSkiing is a dynamic and exciting sport. First of all, beginners should learn basic skiing skills, and ask an experienced skiing coach to train you systematically. When a beginner chooses a ski field, the slope should not be too steep. It's better to have a 6-degree or so ski path, which should be wide and 50m or so. There should be a ride type cableway to transport skiers...
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  • The Sports Events 3 Apr 29 , 2020
    Snowboarding (two feet on a wide Snowboard) is more exciting and flexible than alpine skiing, which has not been widely carried out in China. The standard competition items of alpine skiing are: glide, super big turn, big turn, turn, all-around, etc. There are many kinds of alpine skiing technology, such as different ski fall technology, variable turning technology, emergency acceleration, deceler...
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  • The Sports Events--The Classifications & Skills of Skiing Apr 26 , 2020
    Skiing can be divided into ancient skiing, modern skiing and contemporary skiing, from the conditions and purposes of skiing, it can be divided into practical skiing, competitive skiing and tourism skiing (entertainment and fitness). Practical skiing is used in forestry, border defense, hunting, transportation and other fields. Now it is mostly replaced by mechanical equipment, and gradually loses...
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  • The Sports Events--Skiing 1 Apr 25 , 2020
    Skiing is a competitive sport in which athletes mount skis on the soles of their boots to perform speed, jump and glide on the snow. Skis are made of a mixture of wood, metal and plastic. Alpine skiing consists of glide, small turn and large turn (obstacle skiing). Alpine skiing mixed project consists of the above three projects. People in a standing posture, holding a ski pole and stepping on a s...
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