How to Take Care of Your Bag and Keep It Clean? July 18 , 2020

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In our life, there are many kinds of bags around us, such as travel laptop backpack, lady handbag, travel bags, etc. If you get a new baby, you have to buy a designer baby diaper bag or breast pump diaper bag for using to take care of your baby, if you want to join a physical exercise class, you will buy a men travel duffel bag or women gym duffel bag for your gear equipment, if you want to go outside and go skiing, you have to prepare the ski travel bags and snowboard boot backpack to carry your winter sports gears.

However after using these bags, they became dirty, so how should we take of our bags in the life and keep them clean? Today let’s talk about it.

The first one, form right praxis habit.

Proper use habits can extend the service life of leather products. The new bag must avoid collision and scratch with hard and sharp objects to avoid scratches on the surface of leather. Avoid heavy items in the bag to avoid wrinkling and deformation. Long time direct light and heating will make the bag decolorization, discoloration and deformation. Girl's make-up water and so on thing had better not put directly in the bag, must use the make-up bag.

Second, collect your bag in season change.

When changing seasons in autumn and winter, the bags that are not used should be collected in time, and the dust on the bags can be wiped off with sponge or soft cloth. The bags are then filled with paper balls to keep them in their original shape. Finally, wrap the bag with the original non-woven cloth bag, and put one or two camphor pills or a bag of moisture-proof agent in the bag. Keep the bag in a clean and ventilated place. If there is a cabinet with shutter door, it is better. At the same time, it is better not to put too many items in the cabinet..

Third, treatment of oil stains as following:

1) When cleaning the product, you can use detergent to brush the oil stains directly. If it is not black, red and other deep color fabrics, you can use washing powder to brush lightly.

2) Pure white fabric can be diluted with dilute bleach (1:10 diluted) directly with a toothbrush to remove the oil stains.

3) Soak in detergent for 10 minutes (add 6 drops of detergent in each basin, stir evenly), and then make routine treatment.

4) Before cleaning, dilute with oxalic acid, then wipe the contaminated area with toothbrush, and then conduct routine treatment.

Forth, the method of removing the round bead handwriting.

1) Round bead handwriting with colored fabric can be treated with 95% alcohol.

2) Before cleaning, use Amway to brush the handwriting directly, do not touch with water, and leave it for 5 minutes for routine treatment.

Fifth, treatment of fabric fading (except black fabric).

1) Soak in concentrated brine for 1 minute.

2) Change the salt water into clean water and brush evenly with soap water soft brush.

Sixth, treatment of mildew.

Soak in 40 ℃ warm soapy water for 10 minutes, and then carry out conventional treatment. For pure white fabrics, soak them in soapy water, and then dry the moldy place in the sun for 10 minutes before conventional treatment.

The last one, fabric artwork bag.

The fabric bag is usually canvas, denim and cotton, and the lining of fabric bag is nylon and cotton. Generally speaking, fabric bag can be dry cleaned or washed. Fabric bag with more stripes and bright color must be dry cleaned, otherwise it will fade. Dirty fabric bags can be cleaned with water and a small amount of detergent, and then gently brush back and forth along the lines with a small down brush. Ordinary fabric bags can be easily removed by brushing with a small velvet brush. Some can be properly ironed with an iron to keep its shape beautiful.

Maintenance points of canvas and cotton bag:

Soak in salt water for 15 minutes, wash with soap and soft brush, hand wash at low temperature, dry on the back side, iron at medium temperature. Pay attention not to soak the leather products to avoid exposure to the sun. Remove the movable accessories before cleaning.

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