How to Select the Ski Equipment? May 15 , 2020

Skiing equipment mainly includes skis, sticks, boots, various fixators, skiing wax, ski suits, helmets, colored mirrors, windshields, etc. Usually ski resorts have equipment for rent. Tourists may as well rent it.

There are many kinds of alpine skis. Due to different functions and types, the grades and prices of alpine skis vary greatly.

(1) According to competitive skiing events, there are: Gyratory board, large gyratory board, super gyratory board and glide board;

(2) According to skiing level, there are beginner board, intermediate board, advanced board, competition board, world cup board, etc;

(3) According to the quality of snow, there are boards suitable for hard snow, boards suitable for powdery snow, skis suitable for stunts, etc;

(4) According to age and gender, there are men's snowboards, women's snowboards, children's snowboards, etc.

Snowboard is divided into single board (Snowboard) and double board (ski). Generally, there are wood, glass fiber and metal in skis.

Most of them are fiberglass skis, which are suitable for any snow, and they are mixed with many high-tech technologies, wood and aluminum alloy materials, which are most popular with skiers.

Aluminum alloy metal skis in light and dry deep snow and ice surface rotation light, the price is higher.

Wooden ones are rarely used by people. Although they are light and cheap, they are easy to be affected by moisture and deformation. Therefore, special grease should be applied before use, which is not easy to stick to snow and can prevent snow from immersion.

Beginners should choose skis with good elasticity, short length, larger Snowboard head and light weight. If economic conditions permit, skiers should consider purchasing a set of their own special ski equipment (including skis, fixtures, ski shoes, ski poles). When purchasing equipment, we should mainly consider the integrity of manufacturers and businesses, the quality and performance of snowboards, after-sales maintenance services, etc., and we must not purchase and use furfuran skis.

First of all, the waterproof and windproof performance of ski suit should be considered, by the design of heat preservation and ventilation function, windproof skirt design, filling cotton design, etc., with the principle of comfortable fit, no obstruction to action and minimizing wind resistance. Ski suit has developed into a product of fashion and function integration, which is not only suitable for skiing, but also very beautiful at ordinary times. The most important thing for skiing is clothing. The ski clothing is designed with high toughness, waterproof and breathable fabric, which is not only beautiful but also better for you to experience the fun of skiing.

After sales of ski boots, first make sure whether you play snowboard or double ski. The ski boots matched by these two boards are different. Ski boots are generally double-layer design, that is, the outer fixed shell and the inner thermal insulation. The choice of ski shoes should make people feel comfortable and fit well. Toes can move freely in the shoes, but the soles, insteps, arches and heels should be tightly wrapped. The clips on the shell should be properly clamped, so that the ankle joint can bend forward. Only in this way can the speed of snowboarding and skiing be controlled. Beginners should choose light, flexible and elastic ski shoes, which have more maneuverability. For skiers with good technology, they can choose the ski shoes that can tightly connect their feet with ski shoes, so that any slight gravity change of skiers can be transmitted to the skis through the ski shoes, so as to improve the skiers' control ability of sliding attitude.

Retainer. All skis are equipped with devices to fix the ski boots on them. When the skier falls, the fixer will loosen quickly, so it is one of the important protective devices to avoid skiing injury.

A ski pole (not used for snowboarding) is used to keep balance. For short, it is a snow stick, which helps to slide and maintain the balance of the body. The principle of selection is light weight, not easy to break, good sense of balance and suitable for your height. Generally calculated from the snow wheel, the longest is no less than the shoulder, and the shortest is no less than the flank. It can be put through the leather bracelet. It is better to hold the stick and swing it properly.

In addition to ski jumping, air skiing, snowboarding, other projects use poles. It is an essential tool for skiers to control the center of gravity. In the selection, the height of my elbow from the ground after my arm sagging is generally used as the length of the ski pole. Beginners can choose a longer stick, and then choose a shorter one after improving their skills. There should be a strap on the stick, which can be put on the wrist to prevent falling off. The snow wheel can prevent the stick from inserting too deep in the snow, and give you a stable fulcrum in the moment of high-speed sliding.

Ski glasses are indispensable. Because of the strong sunlight reflection on the snow, it is easy to cause snow blindness. You must wear snow glasses to protect your eyes. The frame is safer with plastic products; the color of lens is better with yellow or tea. First of all, this ski mirror is made of alleway brand, because it is suitable for beginners. It adopts TPU frame and impact resistant PC lens, which can prevent fog and keep warm. It is suitable for men and women adults and children. It is very suitable and has high cost performance.

Ski goggles shall have the following functions:

First, prevent the cold wind from irritating the eyes;

Second, to prevent ultraviolet rays from burning the eyes;

Third, the mirror can not be fogged;

Fourth, the ski goggles should not hurt the face after falling. (Note: skiers with glasses should choose ski glasses with a thicker frame, so as to cover all myopia.)

With the development of science and technology, skiing lenses have developed from single conductor to double layer, from frost proof to frost proof, which can be applied to various weather conditions.

Ski Boot Bag,Ski Travel Bag and Snowboard Bag With Wheels are also necessary.

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