How to Select A Breast Milk Pump Bag (2)? August 07 , 2020

Breast milk pump bag is a product produced with the change of modern social professional concept, female status and infant food safety concept. It is a derivative product of luggage that fully meets the needs of the market. The emergence of milk bag is closely related to the modern concept of parenting food safety, the change of parenting thought and parenting habits, and is the inevitable product of the development of modern society.

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Before choosing a milk pump bag, we need to know more about the classifications and functions.

From the way of carrying milk bag, it can be divided into three categories: portable bag, messenger bag and double shoulder bag, as following:

1. Portable: the portable milk bag is suitable for mothers who have a short journey or have a car. Due to the short journey, it will not generate too much gravity burden, so it is loved by mothers who carry milk for short distance,

2. Cross body type: because oriental girls are generally petite, carrying a big bag, especially the kind of vertical long bag, will make the body shorter. Because of the cross type of back milk bag came into being,

3. Double shoulder style: the main point of double shoulder back is that the weight is evenly distributed on both shoulders, reducing the sense of weight bearing. It is convenient to carry milk for long distance. The milk bag on the back of both shoulders is mainly double-layer.

The main functions of carrying milk bag are as follows:

1. It's convenient for mom to travel.

2. The interior material is safe and hygienic.

3. The effect of temperature isolation is good.

4. Fashionable and beautiful.

5. A bag of multi-purpose, can also be used for other heat preservation purposes after the end of the back milk.

So, what should we note when we buy a breast milk pump bag?

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First, types of sucking device.

1. Double shoulder

Because of the temperature difference between the blue ice and the outside air, it is inevitable that some water droplets will condense on the surface of the blue ice. Therefore, the mothers who use the electric breast pump should choose the double-layer milk bag

2. Mothers who use manual breast pump can choose single-layer portable and cross arm breast bags, which can minimize the burden of mothers carrying milk.

Second, inner lining material.

Considering the safety of food, it is recommended that mothers use the milk bag inside the aluminum lining which will not produce chemical reaction in direct contact with food.

Due to the size problem of blue ice pack, it is suggested that mothers directly use the brand of back milk bag with the storage bottle in the set meal when purchasing the breast milk bag, so as to avoid the embarrassment caused by the collision between the milk bottle and the blue ice during the moving process of the carrying milk bag.

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