• How to Improve Sales Performance? Aug 14 , 2020
    How time files. The first half of 2020 is over. In the first half of this year, most enterprises were affected by the epidemic, even some enterprises have gone out of business.Due to the impact of the epidemic, our half year-end summary of this year has been postponed to this week.From the summary of the meeting, despite the impact of the epidemic, on the whole, the sales performance of our compan...
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  • What Is Mutual Trust? Jul 25 , 2020
    Our company dealed a big order with a new client recently, our boss said that we never meet this client, but he is really very kind man who is also a very trusty person.This new client, who gave us a test order in July last year on snowboard boot backpack, the boot bag backpack based on our old model, and he added something new designs on it, the boot backpack became a new style backpack in the ma...
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