Basic Essentials of Skiing May 08 , 2020

Step 1: Walking

The first action to put on a ski is to walk. The action is not different from the general walking. At the beginning, you may not be used to it. You can first put on a ski to walk back and forth twice, and then put on two together, step by step to adapt to the balance.

Step 2: Falling

It is the safest to land on one side, that is, to land on the outside of the big foot and on the side below the waist. At the same time, lift up the two snowsticks and straighten the feet to prevent unnecessary injury.

Step 3: Direction Transformation

With the front or end of the skier as the center, separate the skier to be changed into V-shape, and then close the outside skier. This direction transformation is only suitable for flat snow surface, but not for slope.

Step 4: Boarding

The easiest way is to go up the mountain by cable car. However, there is usually no good cable car in Taiwan's ski resorts. At this time, the most convenient way is to take off the ski gear and carry it up. If you are a little more lazy, you can also walk up the mountain wearing the ski gear. The main point is to keep the ski gear at 90 degrees with the slope to prevent the ski gear from slipping down automatically.

Step 5: Flat Sliding

Stand with two feet in parallel, use the wrist force to push the two poles backward, so that the body and the two skiers can slide forward at the same time. The center of gravity of the body should not be placed back, otherwise, the body will lean back, which will lead to a fall in the backseat.

Snow prevention techniques

When skiing, it is inevitable to fall. If there is no special ski suit, the snow will get into the suit from the ankle, wrist, collar, etc. after falling, which is very annoying. What can be done to solve this problem? In fact, it's very simple. You only need a pair of knee pads, a pair of wide elastic belts and a scarf to solve the problem. In winter, a kind of elastic long tube kneepad made of acrylic cotton is often sold on the stall, which is about 40 cm long. One end of the kneepad is covered on the upper half of ski boots and the other end is covered on the legs, which can effectively prevent snow from entering. Use a pair of wide elastic belt with nylon buckle to tightly tie the wrist of ski gloves, and the snow will not enter. In addition, a scarf is used to slightly fill the space between the collar and neck, which can ensure that snow will not enter the collar, but also play a role of heat preservation. These items are simple, cheap, practical and easy to purchase.

How to Choose the Snowboard Bag?

So are you equipped before you leave? Although ski resorts now offer one-stop service. But for beginners, sports equipment such as ski goggles, sweat-wicking underwear and Ski socks will be enough to fill your backpack, not to mention the professional snow gear that high-level skiers need to carry. It is worth emphasizing that, generally speaking, the bag specially designed for skiing can be called ski backpack. The special features of ski backpack are: it can carry double board or single board, the center of gravity is more suitable for the body, and it has the function of dry and wet separation. There are also special placement designs for helmets and other objects. For the beginners who go skiing in the common snow field, the main purpose of backpack is to store. Put away the scattered equipment such as helmets, goggles, protective equipment and other personal items, so that after more than one piece of equipment, you won't be in a hurry. Joyous durable snowboard boot bag backpack (Item No.: JO-19286) is a nice choice.

Also, Joyous outdoor ski equipment snowboard travel bag 175CM (Item No.: JO-19282) can store 4 pairs of double boards or two pairs of single boards, with ergonomic handles and wheels, so that you can easily transport in the snow field. The two-way zipper design is convenient for taking and placing items. When the board bag is emptied, it can be folded into three folds to reduce the occupation of space and facilitate carrying.

But for professional snowboarders, close ski bags are necessary, because they should carry drinking water, hot water bottles, first aid kits, rechargeable batteries, GPS, hand table and other tools. We would like to  recommend you our Joyous 170CM two pieces snowboard boot backpack ski bag combo (Item No.: JO-19061), this products come with one snowboard bag backpack and one ski travel bag. Backpack with Snowboard strap, it can carry two pieces snowboards or two skis at each side. This snowboard backpack has a helmet zipper pocket on the top, and a main compartment for snowboard clothes, socks, warm clothing, etc. There is also a big compartment with double zipper pullers at the back for the snowboard boots. Except above, there are two hidden zipper pocket at the sides each for gloves and other equipments. The ski travel bag can hold two pieces skis and double ski poles. All of them with waterproof lining inside, so you don’t worry about the snow water wet your gears.

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