• What Is Breast Milk Pump Bag (1)? Aug 06 , 2020
    The breast milk pump bag is a constant temperature and fresh-keeping bag for storing breast milk. It can be equipped with ice media, milk storage tank and sucking device. After giving birth to the baby, the mother returns to work, but she wants to insist on breast feeding. During the working time, the breast milk is squeezed out by the sucking device and stored in the milk storage cooler bag or bo...
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  • How to Select A Breast Milk Pump Bag (2)? Aug 07 , 2020
    Breast milk pump bag is a product produced with the change of modern social professional concept, female status and infant food safety concept. It is a derivative product of luggage that fully meets the needs of the market. The emergence of milk bag is closely related to the modern concept of parenting food safety, the change of parenting thought and parenting habits, and is the inevitable product...
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  • How to Take Care of Your Bag and Keep It Clean? Jul 18 , 2020
    In our life, there are many kinds of bags around us, such as travel laptop backpack, lady handbag, travel bags, etc. If you get a new baby, you have to buy a designer baby diaper bag or breast pump diaper bag for using to take care of your baby, if you want to join a physical exercise class, you will buy a men travel duffel bag or women gym duffel bag for your gear equipment, if you want to go out...
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  • The 127th Canton Fair Will Not Be Held As Scheduled? Mar 23 , 2020
    From December of 2019, we started to prepare and design some new bags for the 127th Canton Fair, 2020. Such as outdoor sports travel duffel bags, snowboard bags, snowboard boot bags and some baby diaper bags. At the begining of 2020, "Coronavirus" outbreaks in Wuhan, and our country has swift responses on it, now our daily life resumed in normal. But unfortunately, the coronavirus finall...
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  • Basic Essentials of Skiing May 08 , 2020
    Step 1: Walking The first action to put on a ski is to walk. The action is not different from the general walking. At the beginning, you may not be used to it. You can first put on a ski to walk back and forth twice, and then put on two together, step by step to adapt to the balance. Step 2: Falling It is the safest to land on one side, that is, to land on the outside of the big foot and on the si...
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  • What Is Mummy Bag? Apr 24 , 2020
    Mummy bag is specially designed and produced for the convenience of taking care of infants and children. The products of infants and mothers are put into the bag in different categories to provide convenience for mothers to take their children out. Material Selection The professional baby bag should use the fabric as the main material. The product should not only meet the national industrial stand...
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  • What Is Military Tactical Backpack? Jul 17 , 2020
    The military bags in most countries in the world are mainly made of Cordura 1000D fabric made by DuPont company of the United States. The fabric has 10 times the wear resistance of cotton canvas, and its weight is only half of that of cotton canvas. It also has the function of anti splashing on the surface. The pure 1000D bags of the U.S. Army in China has imported military products from the south...
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