• How do we choose a ski bag? Apr 13 , 2021
    What kind of ski bag should we choose?When we are going to travel with skis, we have to buy some ski bags for those ski gears. But there are a lot of different ski snowboard bags to choose from.If you are going for an excursion, maybe simple adjustable ski bag or padded ski bag combo for you will be better.Simple adjustable ski bag can fit for your any sizes skis, and carry wit...
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  • How to Improve Sales Performance? Aug 14 , 2020
    How time files. The first half of 2020 is over. In the first half of this year, most enterprises were affected by the epidemic, even some enterprises have gone out of business.Due to the impact of the epidemic, our half year-end summary of this year has been postponed to this week.From the summary of the meeting, despite the impact of the epidemic, on the whole, the sales performance of our compan...
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  • What Is Mutual Trust? Jul 25 , 2020
    Our company dealed a big order with a new client recently, our boss said that we never meet this client, but he is really very kind man who is also a very trusty person.This new client, who gave us a test order in July last year on snowboard boot backpack, the boot bag backpack based on our old model, and he added something new designs on it, the boot backpack became a new style backpack in the ma...
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  • What Is Breast Milk Pump Bag (1)? Aug 06 , 2020
    The breast milk pump bag is a constant temperature and fresh-keeping bag for storing breast milk. It can be equipped with ice media, milk storage tank and sucking device. After giving birth to the baby, the mother returns to work, but she wants to insist on breast feeding. During the working time, the breast milk is squeezed out by the sucking device and stored in the milk storage cooler bag or bo...
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  • How to Select A Breast Milk Pump Bag (2)? Aug 07 , 2020
    Breast milk pump bag is a product produced with the change of modern social professional concept, female status and infant food safety concept. It is a derivative product of luggage that fully meets the needs of the market. The emergence of milk bag is closely related to the modern concept of parenting food safety, the change of parenting thought and parenting habits, and is the inevitable product...
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  • How to Take Care of Your Bag and Keep It Clean? Jul 18 , 2020
    In our life, there are many kinds of bags around us, such as travel laptop backpack, lady handbag, travel bags, etc. If you get a new baby, you have to buy a designer baby diaper bag or breast pump diaper bag for using to take care of your baby, if you want to join a physical exercise class, you will buy a men travel duffel bag or women gym duffel bag for your gear equipment, if you want to go out...
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  • How to Select the Ski Equipment? May 15 , 2020
    Skiing equipment mainly includes skis, sticks, boots, various fixators, skiing wax, ski suits, helmets, colored mirrors, windshields, etc. Usually ski resorts have equipment for rent. Tourists may as well rent it.There are many kinds of alpine skis. Due to different functions and types, the grades and prices of alpine skis vary greatly.(1) According to competitive skiing events, there are: Gyrator...
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  • What should Be Paid Attention to When Skiing? May 15 , 2020
    1. Notes for beginnersSkiing is a dynamic and exciting sport. First of all, beginners should learn basic skiing skills, and ask an experienced skiing coach to train you systematically. When a beginner chooses a ski field, the slope should not be too steep. It's better to have a 6-degree or so ski path, which should be wide and 50m or so. There should be a ride type cableway to transport skiers...
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  • The Sports Events 3 Apr 29 , 2020
    Snowboarding (two feet on a wide Snowboard) is more exciting and flexible than alpine skiing, which has not been widely carried out in China. The standard competition items of alpine skiing are: glide, super big turn, big turn, turn, all-around, etc. There are many kinds of alpine skiing technology, such as different ski fall technology, variable turning technology, emergency acceleration, deceler...
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