Best Gift Came From Australia Jan 08, 2021

Today we received a package from Australia, this is a surprise package came from a customer. We never meet each other, but we are doing a lot of business in this years.

Before this, he was selling some ski straps and other products on the Internet and the products were selling well. 

Since we met him online, he wants to sell some ski bags, he provided us their own design files even just some ideas, we made samples for their reference and also gave our suggestions. After that, he gave us big orders. We do our best to ensure the products with good quality in the mass production.

So his ski travel bags such as ski bag, padded ski bag and ski boot bag combo grown up quickly and selling well in 2020.



In the gift package, there is a glass trophy, it said that awards Best Manufacturing Partner 2020 presented to our company.

"This honor belongs to the joint efforts of all the people in our company, it's also the customer's affirmation and praise to our company. Therefore, in the new year 2021, we have to work harder to do our own work to repay every guest." Our boss said that in the meeting.

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